Day 3 Thankfulness

Today started out pretty well but by this evening I am sick and my yelling voice has come too easily (sigh…)

I am thankful for the occasional times I get to go to my kids schools and see what the major part of their days is like.  This morning I spent an hour at my daughters classroom quizzing the class on their vocabulary words.  From there I went home and did some work and then headed out to spend lunch with Matthew (he is the class MVP this week).   He was so surprised to see me – he accidentally ate his entire lunch.  Then, as we were sitting there, the room got progressively louder and louder and I saw his anxiety and sensory issues kick in and he stopped eating.  I let him play brickbreaker on my phone for the last 5 minutes and you could see him relax – and he got a highscore! 

But what I am so thankful for – more than the time spent with them – more than the fact that Matthew ate his lunch instead of sending it back home completely uneaten – and more than the highscore is the insight I got into why he doesn’t eat lunch.  I was sure it was medication related.  Now I am sure it is sensory overload.  And I get to try and do something about it!

Categories: Family, Thankfulness

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