Pumpkin Patch

First weekend I haven’t had to be on call for a long time…got up and made a bunch of waffles (hopefully enough for a month once I get them in the freezer).  By the time the kitchen was cleaned, it was 12:30 so I bundled all the kids up to go to the local pumpkin patch.  we had a beautiful ride through the countryside…

…the kids kept pointing out all of the animals and farms and were so excited

This farm has a number of pick your own options throughout the year and really is family friendly.  we got to spend about 1/2 hour in the largest hay maze I have ever seen and then ride the tractor to the patch where everyone got a pumpkin to bring home.   It was a fun time for all of us.

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2 replies

  1. Holy crap, Riley is HUGE! When did that happen???


  2. Yup…he isn’t my little boy anymore…watch out! it happens before your very eyes!


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