Weekend musings…

After working yesterday I grabbed a few things at Dollar Tree and headed home.  When I got there, the kids were in rare form.  Addison had been sneaking behind the babysitter’s back to stick her fingers into the brownies I had made on Friday night and then sassing her.  Riley apparently had been nasty for the first hour I was gone but had pulled it together.  Matthew stayed on his ipod touch the entire time I was gone – except to stop for lunch. 

When I got home, we hung out a little then went to the school playground and to pick up Riley’s bike which he had left the day before.  Addison stayed in the car the entire time having a temper tantrum – throwing shoes and screeching.  Needless to say, it was an early night for her.  We spent the night watching a movie.

Today, I got up and made a batch of waffles – I added pumpkin to the batter (yum) and all of the kids were raving – including Matthew – until Amalia told him there was pumpkin in it – he started to slow down (and ask 50 questions) and finally was convinced that it didn’t taste much different from regular and he could continue to eat.

After that, I made 16 sandwiches and put them in the freezer to prepare for lunchboxes and around 11 am we all headed to COSTCO to buy food (and gas @ $3.06/gal!!).  I ended up spending $200 (ugh) but think I have enough for the rest of the month.  Got home and split things up into meal sized portions and started a pork roast for dinner.  Meantime the boys got ready for baseball and we headed out.  

I can’t tell you how much it makes me feel good to see how engaged Matthew is this year in this league.  He still is somewhat distracted and drops his glove and hat on the ground and then have trouble finding it – but, he is always ready at the end of the inning to join the huddle; he runs right out to his position on the field and he shows that he is paying attention whenever he is playing.  He almost caught a ball in the outfield today – and when he missed it, kept it in front of him and then launched a fire cracker to home plate and missed the runner by a foot (and it practically hit the catcher’s glove!). 

Riley was disappointed.  The coach had told him that he would pitch this weekend (and so we practiced a couple of days).  But he never got a chance to do it.  He did catch the first two innings – and threw out two people who were stealing!

Tomorrow is a school holiday – the kids will be at daycare …hopefully I’ll be able to get home a little early.

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