Sweet boys…

There are so many good things about being a mother to boys – their honesty, their lack of modesty, their genuineness.  Both of my boys were so cute this week after I got my hair cut / colored. 

First M:

I had  gotten my hair done in the morning and in the evening I had the back-to-school night for 3 of the kids.  I had a babysitter pick all 4 up from the daycare and bring them home for dinner.  As I was traveling to the school, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees.  By the time I left the school, it was nearly 9 pm and all 4 of the kids were in bed.  The babysitter said the boys had been worried about me in the storm so I went upstairs to kiss them goodnight – in the dark -and M woke from sleep and said “I like your haircut mommy”  (not sure how he even could see it but he is always complimenting me on my hair or on my clothes).

Next R:

The next morning I was in the downstairs bathroom getting them all finished and ready for school – brushing hair and teeth.  Riley comes in and says “mom, your hair looks different – your blonde is gone – did you dye it?”  I said – well, it was gray – and yes I did! and he responded – “no, it was blonde like mine” (so maybe I need to get his eyes checked for colorblindness but it was sweet anyway!).

Hoping to have a quiet weekend!

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  1. Times like these make you forget the more difficult time and reminds you why you became a mom. Great job Sue!!


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