Earthquates, hurricanes, school supply shopping!

Not sure which of these natural disasters are the worst.  Definitely glad that they are all in the past.

Haven’t posted since mid-July.  Not that there wasn’t anything to talk about – just emotionally and physically spent. This summer flew by and when I wasn’t working then I was driving somewhere or going away somewhere. 

Then …there was the 5.8 Earthquake centered about 15 miles from my house (and the 2 separate 4.2 “aftershocks” over the next few days!)

Just as everyone stopped talking about the unliklihood of having that strong an earthquake here, we start hearing about the Hurricane …

…the one that is going to be worse than any storm along the East Coast in years…the one that will hit NC and VA the hardest but will cause severe damage to NYC and result in evacuation of NYC …

I haven’t had time to get supplies for school so I rushed home Friday afternoon and ran to staples with my spreadsheet detailing the nearly $200 of supplies for 4 kids and 5 classrooms.  I personally can keep the glue stick, marble notebooks and 1 subject spiral notebooks industries afloat for another year I think! 

…Saturday am arose overcast and I had just enough time to walk around the house and put away any potential “projectiles”, finished empything the truck from our vacation (that ended 2 weeks ago) when the rains started.  we ended up fairing much better than alot of my fellow Richmonder’s – we never lost power and, while one of my windows did start leaking, I was able to go outside and caulk around it and it stopped.  I’m sure alot of the caulking washed away, but it saved me from having 3 screaming kids for a while (Matthew was totally unfazed by it and played his ipod or dsi all day!). 

Well, time to pick up some debris in the yard – and re-caulk that window –  and get ready for a busy 2 weeks of inpatient service.


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