District 3 – 8U Rookie League Champions!

Riley’s All Star local tournament was this weekend.  Despite having lost all 4 of their scrimmage games, they boys took advantage of a good draw and two out of 3 games where the opponents were playing their 2nd game of the day.  But despite that, they played incredibly well.  They won 3 games in a row and kept playing better and better. 

Riley was stoked!  And the fact that they got a huge trophy – well – it was a bonus!


So, the team goes to the State Tournament in 2 weekends in Northern VA.  Today we got word from the coaches wife that we will probably play 4 games over Thursday / Friday and then (if we win) 1-2 games Saturday and Sunday.  Oh yeah – they might not allow us to bring cooler’s into the ball fields (and frowned on them having them in the car) – and I need to keep 3 other kids from being totally bored…fun times!

But so proud of Riley for sticking with it and being such a good sport and trying so hard and learning so much over the last few weeks.

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