The All Star

This All Star stuff is pretty intense! Not sure that Riley feels it, but boy -oh – boy am I anxious for him.  He takes things to heart so much and he’s let me know that he is nervous and worried that he won’t play – so, I am just on pins and needles and trying not to be overly involved if he doesn’t get played. 

So, the first scrimmage, I got there after the other team batted (and went ahead by 6 runs).  Riley was sitting on the bench and had the most forlorn look.  As with most things, the kids who were playing were all friends and had been on teams together before.  I felt like I had put Riley at a disadvantage because I can’t “stay home and bring him to all of the baseball outings he cared about. 

But, he played the 2nd 1/2 of that game and the 1st 3 innings of the next game of a double header.  But, he struck out all 3 times he came to bat.  He had been telling me that the machine was pitching faster but I was like “no, dear – the machine can only pitch one speed!” (and then we got the email from the coach saying he was proud of how the boys had all adjusted to the faster speed of 43 mph from 35 mph! – oops!).  So, I took him to the batting cages on Wednesday and he got to practice on 45 mph and I think he got the timing down finally.

Today we had another scrimmage double header.   The boys got their uniforms last night – Riley is so handsome in his uniform and he was a little anxious.  But, he did great.  He didn’t get to start, but he hit the ball all 4 times he was at-bat and got on base 2 times.  The last at-bat he hit a sharp grounder to the 2nd baseman who was only able to field it to first and 2 runs scored (from 2nd and 3rd).  He had a couple of plays in the outfield both games too. 




This weekend is the district tournament.  We have one more game scrimmage against the “American” League of the Glen Allen program and 3 more practices.  Tomorrow they are getting a practice from Richmond Baseball League coaches.  That ought to be fun!

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  1. The older he gets, the more intense it will be !!! Parents and Coaches more than the players ! The best years of my life, but wear sunscreen !! It ruined my skin baking on those bleachers !


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