Baseball, baseball and more baseball…

About 2 weeks ago Riley’s coach asked me if I wanted to nominate him for the All Star team.  I was pretty excited because he really has been excited about baseball this year and has come a long way since last year – and only his second season of playing.  So, after discussing the parameters with him (they are pretty strict, you can’t miss practices after the regular season ends; can be kicked off if you are caught participating in another sport during it; you can practice all that time and still sit on the bench) we agreed to be nominated.  Our coach nominated 5 kids and then apparently there is a vote -all of the managers of the team in the league.  Three of our team got chosen – and Riley was one of them. 

We got the phone call on Monday evening.  We have had 2 practices each for 2 1/2 hours.  Planned for 2 more a week – while the regular season is going on -and then daily for the week before the first tournament.  Watching the coach at yesterday’s practice, I think Riley learned more pure baseball than in the past 2 years – he reviewed how to hold the ball; how to throw the ball; catching the ball, hitting and strategy.  I had been able to cure Riley of letting go of the bat about 1/2 way through the season, but – despite being out throwing with him almost daily – I couldn’t get him to catch with two hands!  Well – they spent about 40 minutes catching and throwing to each other (correctly) and he definitely got it at the end! 

It is going to be a little stressful the next couple of weeks trying to get him to all of the practices.  I am going to have to rely on some of the other parents – something I am not good at – but I’m hoping he will be able to go to them all and then -even if he doesn’t end up playing much – he will have learned a ton!

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