Too much…

This is going to be the baseball week from heck!  It is Wednesday and I am already tired. 

First of all, we had a really busy holiday weekend – drove to Northern VA to visit with Jean and her family who were visiting her oldest two in college.  We set out on Sat am and arrived around 12n.  The key was we were staying in a hotel overnight and the kids were amazingly hyped up to go to the pool.  (Riley had thrown the bathing suits and an extra pair of underwear in a suitcase on Wednesday evening packed for me ahead of time!).  Then we drove home on Sunday and met up with Wendy and Pat for an Easter dinner at my house.

Anyway, Monday morning came early…

Monday evening I ended up getting a late consult and so was rushing to get home and pick them up in order to be at the ballfield for Riley’s second game of the season.  It started at 6:30 but the coach wanted them there at 5:40 to practice…geesh…so I rushed to Arby’s and got food and then to the daycare and we got there.  The game lasted until 8:30 and by the time we got home the kids were dead, I was annoyed and I got them in bed.  (The Owls won! – 11-2 – season record 2-0!)

Meanwhile, there was no time for me to wash the uniform shirt – good thing it isn’t later in the season and is warm but not hot out!

Tuesday was game 2 of the week.  This time the coach couldn’t do practice until 6 – but I had to leave work early to pick Riley from his tutoring and so he and I went to McD’s and did his homework (something we hadn’t done on Monday because – great timing – Monday he had to fill in a paper about his infancy (how much he weighed at birth, etc) – and he couldn’t do it at daycare.

As we were leaving McD’s it starts to thunder and the skies open up and he gets a little worried but by the time we got to the daycare, the sun had come back out.  We rush to the field and they are trying to get rid of the few puddles on the field but we don’t start till 7! (leaving the other 3 kids to get more and more bored – with mud all around them – oh yeah it was a great night!)

The game didn’t finish until nearly 9 PM (and we only played 5 innings).  This other team was also 2-0 and the coach had prepped the team the evening before with:  “okay, tomorrow’s team is undefeated and we are going to have to go out and work hard” – and boy did they ever!  Not only did they bat really well, but also they were really good in the field – had two double plays and several really tough catches.  (The Owls won! 16-2 – season record of 3-0!)

Came home to find that my washing machine hadn’t pumped out the water on the load I put in the evening before and so I knew that I needed to unscrew the face plate and clean out the filter sometime this week (luckily insomnia attacked this morning and I wasn’t as apathetic as usual – hopefully the water is draining as I am writing this! – have I ever talked about how i HATE that they made this washing machine with a filter that is behinde the faceplate?)

Gave the kids one piece of candy and got them all showers and into bed and laid on the couch for a couple of hours before heading to bed.  Tonight Matthew’s team has a practice.  He has been totally jealous of Riley getting to play two nights in a row. 

Friday night is opening ceremonies.

Saturday Matthew has a game and both have pictures…

Like I said, baseball overload this weekend.  Hoping that the washer is working now so I can move along.

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