Saturday Baseball…

Baseball has started again this year.  After some of the trouble last year I wasn’t sure anyone was going to play. 


Then, when I went to sign up, I found out that the dates that allow people into the different levels had changed and Riley was going to miss “Kid Pitch” by 7 days.  At the end of last year her became totally obsessed with playing kid pitch this year and I had to break it to him that his age made him have to play machine pitch Rookies again this year.  His initial reaction was that he wasn’t playing!  I decided to sign him up anyway and started my project to convince him it was a good thing. 

Ultimately, I reminded him that he would be one of the oldest (and therefore the biggest and possibly the best) of the kids on team and if that was true, he might be able to be on the all star team! 

Well, that helped him and he has jumped in with two feet!  He was assigned to the OWLZ this year and – let me just say – WHAT A DIFFERENCE A GOOD COACH MAKES! (did you hear that because I was shouting?).  This coach is organized, compassionate, and structured.  Who wouldn’t do well with that?  His first game is today at 1 and he is excited about it.  I can’t wait to watch.


So, Matthew’s age would make him eligible for Kid Pitch and after his year last year, I was really concerned that he would get hurt or not have a good time – and yet, he has been asking more when and where and what team he would be on this year so I decided to let him do Buddy Ball.   He has been very upset that Riley’s team has been practicing (and the Buddy Ball program has been a little disorganized).  But last week we got the name of the team – the Yankees – and he had his first game today.   There are about 12 kids on his team with all levels of disability and they each have someone with them in the field and batting. 

He was so excited – and ran right out on the field as they were gathering all of the people.   Riley and he were throwing the ball back and forth and then a bunch of other kids came out and they were all playing together.  Finally, they gave out the uniforms and he was thrilled but he wanted to go back out and play with the big kids!  They finally played 2 innings and he was the STAR!!  He “got two home runs!” and actually caught a ball.  He loved the camaradarie and was just totally into it.  Again, all I can say is – WHAT A DIFFERENCE A GOOD COACH MAKES!   

will post pictures later but looking forward to the baseball season.  Nice to have both boys feel successful.

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