Busy Sunday

The weather cooperated today and was sunny and warm most of the day.  After eagerly grudginly helping me with cleaning up the family room and living room (not to mention cleaning their own rooms) I could kick them outside and they mostly stayed out. 

I had to go to Walgreen’s to pick up the pictures for Addison’s 3rd post-placement report to go to Russia.  The social worker was coming by at 2:00 and I had ordered 5 sets of pictures of the last year about 2 weeks ago – and just like my luck, when I finally stopped in yesterday – they had no record of me ordering them!

Meanwhile, I needed to cook because we had finished the 120 waffles I had made about a month ago.  Last night I had baked and frosted 12 cupcakes and 24 mini cupcakes and 24 blueberry muffins.  The kitchen was trashed and I had to get it undercontrol before we could start on the waffle factory.  2 hours later, I had 60 waffles and we headed to Walgreen’s (and to fill up the Truck tank at Costco).

After a quick lunch the kids were again kicked out of the house and I started the waffle iron again and made another 60 waffles and then started cleaning up – the doorbell rang just as I was reaching into the fridge for a yogurt for my lunch – blocked!

Luckily it only took about 1/2 hour and then we had to get baths and ready for the annual Coordinators 2 Family Dinner.  The kids -except Riley – were excited.  Every year they take all of the kids away after dinner and teach them a participatory song.  Since Riley hates to sing in front of others he doesn’t enjoy this part.  Last year I got him to go under the guise of helping with the smaller kids but he decided he wouldn’t go this year.  Ended up that he was standing in line for a balloon animal the entire time they were away.  Had a good time and didn’t have to run after them this year. 

Got home in time for them to play a little outside and I could finish putting all of the food away.  Think I am ready for the week.

Categories: Baking Days, Family, Freezer Meals

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