Watch out for that tooth! or (can I have that ice cream?)

My 6 year old daughter pointed out her loose tooth to me over the weekend.  I tried to pull it but couldn’t get it to come out. 

Yesterday she ran up to me when I picked her up at the daycare with the following:  “mom! – I lost a tooth” and then she tried to take this tiny nub of a baby tooth out of a plastic bag.  I got her to leave it in the bag and we all made it to the car.  While driving home, she tells the story…

“I was eating my pretzels and my tooth went flying into Andrew’s ice cream”

(oh, that’s kind of gross…)

“He had just opened it – so he gave it to me to eat the rest of it”

(yeah…I guess he would)

“I raised my hand and the lunch assistant went and got Andrew another one too!”

Way to go Amalia – free ice cream!

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