Another afternoon with one of my boys…

Friday I had a doctor’s appointment for Matthew mid-afternoon.  Turns out the 3rd grad had a field trip to the Science Museum of Virginia.  So, I picked him up a little early and we headed out to look for shoes (sneakers, really).

Ever since I bought Riley new sneakers, each of the kids has been harassing me about when they could get some.  Matthew has been a size 13 for about 2 1/2 years.  He is much slower growing than Riley and I know that over Christmas he fit into size 1 at the bowling alley.  Over the last week, he has come home everyday counting down the days to Friday cuz he could get new sneakers. 

Imagine my surprise when I measured him and his foot size was between 2 1/2 and 3!  Holy growing shoes batman!  I was sure I was measuring it incorrectly but I did it two different ways (the metal machine and this rug on the floor for kids sketcher’s sizes).  He was beside himself in the store, going up and down the isles picking out about 8 different styles to try on and then running up and down so I could see if they fit or not! 

In the car ride to the doctor’s office, he told me about the Science Museum.  He was just abuzz with all of the things he saw and did.  He was pretty thrilled about the new shoes too and asked as we arrived at the doctor’s – if he would have to take them off to be examined (and was mighty disappointed but took it well when I said that he did!)

I had another surprise when he stood on the scale and got measured.  He gained nearly 6 pounds and 1 3/4 inches over the last 6 months (now he had been flat in weight gain for about a year before that and had gain only about an inch – so I was totally excited.  He has officially made 4 feet tall (and 1/4 inch!) and was almost 48 pounds! 

After the doctor’s office he asked if he could go back to the daycare because he is taking Karate at the daycare and it was that afternoon.  Again he was a little disappointed that he would have to take off his new sneakers but…wanted to go.  so, as an added bonus I got to go grocery shopping by.myself!  I got back to pick them up as he was finishing up Karate and his teacher said he is really doing well – that he had trouble the first session but he had really started listening and participating well. 

So, all in all a very successful afternoon.  It was good because I came home and got prepared for what has been one of the busiest weekends of my life.  But, I have 32 cupcakes made and frosted, the dinner dishes cleaned up and am ready for the next week – NOT!

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  1. Sue, That is great! Go Matthew! Sounds like a fun afternoon.


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