I know, I know…everyday is busy but…really!

Today started at about 6:15 when I got them all out of bed and tried to get 2 cheerleading outfits on and 2 cubscout outfits on.  By the time I had put all of the belt loops on and got the belt onto the skinny pants…well, it was nearly 7.  We RUSHED out the door and got about 1/2 way down the main street out of our development when I realized that we didn’t have Addison’s sneakers.  So, back to the house we went.  Then we quickly headed through the donut shop drive through and as the kids ate donuts I stopped at Starbucks for some coffee and then we headed to the church for Cheering. 

After the game we hightailed it out of there and drove like a bat – out of – you know where to get to the other side of town by 9:45.  We got there just in time for 45 minutes of technical difficulties with the timer mechanisms on the pinewood derby track.  Finally the track was fixed and a short time later our cars were up!

We made it through – with a little disappointment given our 4 & 5 th to last place.  (at least we did better than last year but this clearly isn’t my forte!)

We went home for a couple of hours and then headed out to the boys basketball game.  We had a few boys out this week so both Matthew and Riley got to play for 24 of 36 minutes of the game.  Both of them were TIRED when we finally go home.  Here is some video!

Matthew was on fire at the start of the game and though I am not good at catching him shoot, this shows his basket going in.  He hit at least 3 other shots using his “alley oop!”

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