This weekend is going to kill me…

We made it through naps and then the boys had a basketball game at 4:00 so we headed back out to the Church.  Seems like several of the girls on our Cheer Team have a brother in the 3rd grade.  Last week we ran into one family and this week another.  It gave the girls someone to play with.  We had brought their leapsters but this little girl brought paper and crayons and we ended up having about 7 kids sitting on the bleachers coloring by the time the game was over. 

Afterward, we tried a new restaurant that had had a Living Social deal a few weeks ago for $30 of food for $15.  I ended up spending another $20 but I had that drink! and the kids all had big bowls of spaghetti and salad.  We even had enough left over for lunch today.

All 4 of the kids were up at 5:30 this morning – what the heck is that all about??!!!  I heard Riley get up and then Addison comes barging into my room telling me that he was eating a donut (an wouldn’t give her one!).  Since Riley had blown his chance at getting to get up early in watch television by his behavior yesterday, I sent them all to their rooms to play quietly (and behind closed doors).  Unfortunately, they are not good at that and I finally dragged myself to the shower at 6:30. 

I have about 12 loads of laundry to do today and we are going to go to Michaels to get some paint and supplies to work on the pinewood derby cars.  Otherwise I am cleaning today – and taking down the last of the Christmas decorations – and trying to do some meal planning for the week!

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  1. Hope your kids outgrow this early awakening thing soon! My kids, thankfully, are good sleepers, although sometimes getting them in bed is a bit of a challenge!


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