It’s been a rough day (and it’s barely past noon!)


I knew it would be a busy day but it has been even more challenging than I anticipated. 

First, Riley woke up at 5:00.  I tried to get him to lay in my bed for a few minutes – but after about 10 minutes and 4- 5 big farts, he convinced me that he could go downstairs and quietly watch television.  I turned over and tried to sleep but my alarm went off about 15 minutes later and no matter how much I wanted to snooze, it wasn’t to be.  So I got up and thought I might get to drink a cup of coffee before the other 3 had to get up.

Downstairs, Riley took my presence as meaning he could start his morning routine of yelling and being loud.  I asked him 3 times to be quiet and he then started screaming and clanking plates as he was getting his breakfast.  So, the two girls awoke and came downstairs.  I told them to stay up there and put their Cheering outfits on.  So- Riley ran upstairs and came down with a vomit-filled pillow (Apparently Matthew had vomited while in bed last night and – instead of getting me – he turned the pillow over, vomited more and then moved to a second pillow which he then vomited in again.  Suffice it to say that the room was not sweet smelling and I hope that the febreeze works!

So…meanwhile Riley goes downstairs and proceeds to eat half of his breakfast and left the other half on the table…Matthew is so distracted by the movie Riley had turned on that he refuses to eat.  I finally got them all cleaned (had to bathe Matthew), dressed, and out the door by 7:05.  All of the girls were tired and there was little spirit or enthusiasm at the game today.  Our littlest (Addison) started walking around complaining she was bored and refusing to stand in line.  So…I lifted her up to the bleachers where Riley and Matthew were – AND THE FIRST TANTRUM HAPPENED!  After about 3 minutes out in the hallway, she said she was ready and as we were walking into the gym, she yelled at me that I was a brat! And so she sat out another 2 minutes. 

After the game, we ran over to our friend Randy’s house.  He has a band saw and offered to make the rough cuts on the boys pinewood derby cars to help me out.  And what a help it was!!! A big shout out to Randy who showed an incredible amount of patience – and to his family who put up with the rest of us – including Addison who had THE SECOND TANTRUM when Randy (who is Amalia’s godfather) gave her a Christmas present!  It unfortunately was only slightly less than the one thrown by Matthew for the same reason – but we were able to distract him by going out to play with the cat.

As we were saying goodbye at the front door, the 4 kids decided to go outside.  two minutes later, Addison is banging on the door saying she can’t find the other 3 – of course, they are right in front of the house but she hasn’t looked for them – and this is what she does when she wants attention – so I closed the door on her as I finished talking to Randy and Terry- AND THE THIRD TANTRUM happened. 

So…we drove home with an imposed silence policy and there is a bedroom only policy for this afternoon for the tantrumers. 

Will you judge me too much if I have a drink with lunch??

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