Last day of vacation…

Even  though I haven’t been off for Winter Break, it feels like a vacation given that my kids have been home and out of school. 

Yesterday we took the Christmas tree and associated in-door decorations down and brought them to the attic.  It was a relief.  Last year I also got it all put away after the new year holiday but before that I had left them out well into January and that just isn’t good in a household with 4 kids!  Today we didn’t have any plans but were going to go out to get a couple of things we needed for some of the christmas presents (chargers/batteries).  Also, we hadn’t been to Church since the 2nd week in December. 

The kids were playing and I was folding laundry when Amalia went jumping down the stairs and next thing I knew she was lying on the landing (half way down the stairs) and crying.  She has twisted her ankle.  After comforting her, I left her on the stairs and a few minutes later I find her crying on the couch.  She refuses to put weight on her right foot.  Soon it was time to go to church and she was just crying and refusing to put weight on it so I carried her to the car and into Church and made her walk a little on the way out but decided that …yes…it would probably be better to bring her to the doctor today than to be called from school tomorrow.

Luckily, nothing was broken but we wasted about 2 hours at KidMed.  They were packed! and I hope that we don’t come down with what everyone else seemed afflicted with. 

It is a rainy day in Virginia.  (at least it isn’t snow right?!)  This week we have Cheerleading on Monday night, Basketball on Thursday and games (to cheer at and to play) on Saturday at 9 am and 3 pm.  Mom is trying to figure out what to make for dinner on those days that will be portable cuz I am trying not to eat out at fast food places as often as we have been doing. 

I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions but I am hoping to eat a little healthier and trying to yell less and say yes more this year.  I want to work a little more smart (so I don’t have to stay as late all the time) and not worry about work as much. 

What are your resolutions?

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