Rough Day

It started with about 10 loads of laundry that were …done…but not folded and an extra load that was folded but not put away.  (anyone else have issues with laundry that seems to get done but not put away? and what is it about laundry that is my absolute nemesis?)  I was sitting on the floor doing it quietly and then the two girls started putting their nose into it (well, bothering me and fighting) so I sent them to their room to clean it up.  Addison immediately started screaming and raging that she didn’t want to clean up – but the time was gone for going downstairs. 

Matthew and Riley knew that they were better off staying downstairs (Riley) and in bed (Matthew).  It took about 45 minutes to get it all done and folded and then I came down to start breakfast.  Logan finished her cleaning and then came down but Addison stayed 15 minutes more because she continued to complain.  Ultimately we ate breakfast and the kids went out for a few minutes to swing and play with the dog next door.  I went upstairs a little later and worked with all of the kids to pick up and actually vacuumed the floors of the bedrooms and then swept the stairs and all the way down to the kitchen. 

Unfortunately, Addison started fussing again right before lunch.  She went back to her bed around 11:30 and when I put the lunch out on the table and she came down and started right back in…she wasn’t going to take a nap, she was going to throw her boots at me…so, back to the bed she went. 

I have been promising Riley that he and Matthew can go to laser tag one of these weekends but I never feel like doing it.  Last weekend he harrassed  begged me but after a weekend of cubscouting I told he we were going to do something for / with the girls instead.  We went to see Megamind and Addison ended up having a tough time – also there were 5 potty breaks.  I was kind of annoyed at having spent $10.75 for 3-D movie version and having to miss at least 1/4 of it.  So, I knew there was no getting away with it this weekend so we got out of the house after naps for a trip to laser tag and the associated arcade.

The boys played for 1/2 hour and loved it.  The girls were mostly entertained by the arcade.  We stopped at Food Lion for a Thanksgiving turkey. 

Addison has continued to struggle this evening and finally I just sent her to bed a few minutes ago.  Hopefully we will have a better day tomorrow.

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  1. You had a busy day today and I hope you have a better tomorrow…


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