Four Less!

I “follow” a number of blogs of families who have adopted children – from the US, from Eastern Europe and from Africa.  Each family is amazing to me – in their faith and drive – but more importantly in how they are so open and honest about their struggles and their successes. 

As you may know, November is National Adoption Month. Many of these bloggers have been discussing their ties to adoption and what it has meant in their (and their children’s lives). 

I have been thinking about what to share and what I think is appropriate to put out there for the world to see – and while I am so proud of my kids, much of their story is …well…just that…their story. 

I entered into adoption for very  selfish and personal reasons – most important of which was my desire to have a family and to share the types of experiences of having a large (er) family and the close relationships we had.  It has always made me uncomfortable when people somehow put me up on a pedestal for either adopting or for adopting 4 kids.  I am way too flawed and do so much wrong to feel comfortable with those comments. 

But, I also recognize that there are millions of children in the world who will never have the opportunity to have…not only the monetary and tangible things my kids now have …but (and more importantly) will most likely never have the opportunity to have even the small and intangible things – like lying quietly near them as they are falling asleep or holding hands as I walk them up to their bed half asleep. 

I am blessed and believe that each of my children was a gift to me from God.  It is not easy but the most amazing thing to me is that they have all come so far and I am privileged to be able to see it and experience it.

So, in honor of National Adoption Month, and all of the children who may never know the love of a family I present:

One Less:

Two Less:

Three Less:

Four Less:

As this National Adoption Month 2010 nears an end, there are four fewer orphans in the world.  Isn’t it amazing what a family can do?

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  1. Way to make a girl cry!! Yes, it IS amazing. It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful… your family is wonderful!


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