Rough day…

It has been a rough day at our house.  I was ready to be home without a huge deadline or two hanging over my head and we needed to do a bunch of errands.  The kids let me sleep (well that is a relative term) till 8 am.  Then, the chaos started. 

The house is a mess and I tried to get the kids to help pick up at least the candy wrappers and Lego’s that were strewn across the family room floor and surfaces.  There was a lot of back talk about who did what and I was tired after about 15 minutes but we had at least a semblance of a de-cluttered family room/kitchen. 

At around 10, we started on our way.  I had to turn in the cub scout Popcorn  sales papers.  We found the Den Leaders house pretty quickly and then rushed to the pediatrician’s office cuz I ran out of Riley’s medicine and had nearly forgotten to call for a refill – I was about 50% sure they would have it ready cuz I only called yesterday and they have a 48 hour rule – but luckily for me (and the teachers on his field trip on Monday) it was ready and I could drop it at the pharmacy today.

Then we headed to COSTCO.  They were mostly good while we were in the store shopping but kept harassing me about going to play in the toy area.  After we had gotten everything I wanted, I let them walk the toy aisle.  They had some good things that they have been asking for at pretty good prices and so I texted a friend who I know goes to COSTCO fairly regularly and asked her to pick up some of them for me (for Christmas).  So, I am now officially about 65% done with my Christmas shopping for the kids.  I spent a lot of time explaining (brainwashing) them to the 3 things per child from Santa and one thing from Mom – and that they had to really think about what they wanted.  I think they are going to be really happy.  Unfortunately Riley will have to settle for no Pool Table this year (I think I have him convinced that we shouldn’t take the spare bedroom over with a Pool Table). 

At the end of the shopping trip, it all started to go to heck in a handbasket.  Riley and I went to the counter to buy some food and amazingly, the other 3 were pretty good.  Until I brought the food to the table.  Amalia started screaming about not liking the amount (and where) I put the mustard on her hot dog.  We had to finish quickly and leave before they threw us out for noise pollution.

When we got home and unpacked, I put the girls in their beds for a nap but they refused to sleep and kept getting up every 10 minutes to ask if the time was over.  Finally at 2 it turned into a no-holds-barred drag out scream fest and so I made them stay in their rooms until 4.  When things were finally settled down we headed out to the library as our books were due.  It was the annual book sale at the library so we settled into that and then got some reading books for the next few weeks. 

On the way out of the library, Addison lost it…she started screaming that she wanted to listen to the CD she had taken out of the library and when I asked her to get into the car she stamped her feet and started screaming – so I got everyone into the car and we drove through the drive through return window and put her CD back.  This started a knock down drag out temper tantrum. 

So, we picked up the prescription amongst screaming and whining and came home, made leftovers, fed all of them and put Addison to bed.  Hopefully she will wake up with a smile on her face.

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