It was a busy day…first work, then over to my friend Randy’s for the boys to learn about people who were cubscouts years ago and then to dinner with Wendy and Pat. 

We arrived home at around 4:30 and we finished getting ready to head out to go Trick-or-Treating.  We left around 5:45 to start.  They were calling for the weather to get cold once the sun went down and I didn’t want to be out too late on a school night. 

We got about 3/4 around the neighborhood before it got dark and got home just in time for the kids to sit outside and give out candy to some of the older kids in the neighborhood – BONUS!

Matthew was one of the suits from Iron Man 2.  He happily wore his suit all day!

Here’s my little policeman.  He actually wore his costume today! (the last two years he was too embarassed to do it).

My two girls were both Tinkerbell.  They loved getting the candy and showing off.

Addison was so excited.  At one point she was walking from one house to another and she kept looking back at all of the decorations and she walked right smack into a tree!  She bounced off of it and fell to the ground.  She got a scraped nose and a bruised ego.  She was so upset I couldn’t laugh but I wanted to!

Once we got home, Matthew ran into the house to play his DS and eat a starburt tube.  Riley and Amalia sat at the door waiting for trick-or-treaters.  He got bored pretty soon but after about 5 candies I told him he couldn’t eat anymore.  After about 5 minutes, he yells inside to me…”mom, this candy is mocking me!” – yes, dear, come in and it won’t mock you anymore.

Addendum:  as I was putting Riley to bed last night he was in a semi-sleep state and said…”Mom, what does mock me mean?” (makes you wonder how much of what kids say they have no idea what it means – just what they have heard – and using it in context too!)

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