So, today I had to take Riley for his annual exam.  I forgot while I was getting breakfast but looked at my calendar as I was packing lunches and finishing up so I got him and the other kids off to school and went to pick him up about an hour later. 

On the drive, he was very nervous about the possibilities of shots happening and I tried to reassure him as much as I could but he was still pretty quiet.

Once there, the nurse took us back and asked him to take his shoes off (he didn’t wear socks like I had asked him to in the morning – sigh…)

He got his height (54 inches) and weight (73 lbs) and vision checked and we headed back to the examining room where the nurse did his other vitals.  As she was leaving, she said, “okay, now take of your pants and shirt and leave your underwear on and the doctor will be in soon!”

Well, you could see the blood drain from his face so I asked him what was wrong.

“I’m not wearing any underwear!” – needless to say, we left the pants on!

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