Weekend follies…

I am working some this weekend.  But most of the weekend will be me and the kids.  There is the Richmond Folk Festival in town and I’ve been hearing about it alot today but …I don’t know…4 kids…1 mom…downtown with many many people. 

So, I decided to call my friend Debra and see if she and her 4 kids would like to join me and my 4 kids and we could try and do something not too expensive.  So, we have made plans to pick up some $1 kites at Dollar Tree and spend a few hours at the local school yard.  The temps are supposed to be in the low 80’s and there is a huge open field as well as lots of playing equipment. 

Afterward we will come home to make some homemade Pizza.  I haven’t talked to Debra for a few weeks and am looking forward to some adult conversation.

Categories: Family, Mothering 4

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