So, got a call from one of the Girl Scout Council workers today.  Seems that my snarky email was sent to her and she was calling to explain to me that “they” don’t want me to get the wrong impression that they are not inclusive and that they want all girls to have the opportunity to participate


that since it was a volunteer program, they couldn’t make people do it at a time that was not convenient for them to volunteer to do it.

Then she made the -oh-so-helpful suggestion that maybe I could get with some of Amalia’s friends parents when I saw them at school to drum up support for a troop that might meet at night! 

At this point, I interrupted her to explain that a) since my daughter is a Kindergartener and school has just started a month ago and b) that I am a single working mom that I don’t usually spend time at the school to be able to already have had Amalia make friends and for me to drum up support for a troop! and c) that I had volunteered to be a leader – for a troop that would meet in the evenings but that I had been blocked out, dismissed and told that “of course” I could just send my daughter home with one of the other parents! at the organizational meeting.

She gave me her name, phone number and email address and asked if she could work on it and get back to me.  I told her that I had not alternative but to give her that time but that – at this point – I don’t have a lot of hope.

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