W.O.W. (Part 2)

So, this here’s the email I received today:

Hello! We have 2 troops in the making- one wants to meet thurs 3-4 at WSRC and the other fridays after school from 3-4pm
Let me know if these are options for you asap.
We are also trying to find co-leaders for each troop. Please let me know asap if this is something you can do.
We are planning a meeting for this friday after school to do paperwork and have a parent’s meeting.

As if there wasn’t steam coming from my ears from a number of other things happening today!

Here was my response:

I am very disappointed that of two troops being formed neither of them will be meeting at a time when my daughter would be able to participate.  It feels exclusionary to me.  Are there other Daisy Troops being formed within the District that I can contact who might be more amenable to children of working parents?  Who is the District person that I should speak with?

Sometimes fighting makes me so anxious.

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  1. I get ticked off about all the activities that meet at 3, 4, or 5 in the afternoon. It is ridiculous! I mean, there is a reality here, that many parents work fulltime and cannot get to these meetings!


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