To the Women of Wyndham:

I can take it when you don’t talk to me because I don’t spend my days at the pool during the summer.

I can take it when you leave me to finish my 5 set tie break tennis match alone while the rest of the “team” goes to get a drink in the clubhouse and I am left to get a drink with the opposing team.

I can take it when you report (and take a picture of) my trash can sticking out 6 inches from behind the fence and charge me $25.





to sit idly by and allow you to deny my daughter the opportunity of being a DAISY scout – because her mother works and you can’t be bothered to think of anyone who doesn’t have your stay-at-home life and insist that it is just “fine” for everyone to have meetings only afterschool!

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  1. kick some @$$. Good luck. Teach em not to mess with momma bear.


  2. Sue-

    There are municipal girl scout troops that draw from multiple schools. My sister didn’t put her daughter in the school troop because she couldn’t stand the Moms. She became troop leader for a troop in her area. You might call the Girl Scout Council and find a nearby troop or suggest that one be started. (You may have to volunteer as co-leader).

    Anne Marie


  3. As a follow up…at the end of this meeting where 12 parents steadfastly refused to volunteer to be a leader – I walked up to the woman who was running the meeting and said that I would be a leader because I needed to have night time meetings. 2 seconds later, 2 women came up and decided that they would do it – if they could do it together – and began planning over me which afternoon it was going to be afterschool. when I said to the head person that she couldn’t come afterschool – 4 of them assured me that I should be able to find someone to take her home with them after the meeting! Um…how exactly do they know that?!


  4. You go girl!!! Or some variation on that theme. I’ve been reading blog posts for almost an hour and feel like I’ve moved in next door. As one working mother in love with her kids to another…you are living out your vocation. Nobody ever said that daily confrontations with the laundry and the important work of making peace with the kids’ teachers would be listed under ‘other duties as assigned. But they are our children for a very short time. They deserve unconditional love…and you are living that life. You go girl!!! Or something like that.

    PS. If you move out of Wyndham, come to West Avenue


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