School Days

The kids went back to school on Tuesday (well the older two went back and Amalia started!).  I tried to take the obligatory 1st day photos but didn’t get very many good ones. 

Matthew kept looking away and making faces.  Amalia wanted to “pretend” she was shy.

There are about 6 kindergartener’s in our neighborhood.  We spend so little time outside…who knew???  2 of the girls are actually in her class too (out of 5 new K classes).  I’m hoping I can get her a few friends in the neighborhood.  I tried to get a picture of all 4 of them at the bus stop but she was having none of it – I think she was too nervous and didn’t want to act scared. 

Here are the 3 of them getting close.  I don’t know how I got this shot (and i wish Matthew’s face was blurred) but I really liked it – no fake smiles and “playing nice!”

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