Sliding into home plate…

signed off of most of the consults yesterday so we got up this morning amid plans to just try and get a bunch of things done before vacation next week.

…finished folding the laundry while the kids cleaned up their rooms. 

…made breakfast and coffee for mom

…finished coffee and headed out to Lowe’s.  Returned due library books to the drive through window.   My plans were to take the kids to the Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops.  Unfortunately, we got there and after the kids played on the tractors for about 10 minutes we headed in…only to see the sign which said that they didn’t have one this weekend – but did next weekend.   We decided to head back to the library and get some books.  We have been going to the library every 2 weeks and getting books.  Matthew has been really good at reading this summer and has read 8 books so far.  Riley really wants to do as well too but he is bored when he reads – even if it is a “captain underpants” or other book he has chosen. 

…left the library and went to the playground next door.  after 10 minutes we headed home.  when we got here, I opened my computer and found that the reason Lowes didn’t have a Kids’ Workshop this weekend was not because I had misread the date, I had merely misread the store!  (it was at Home Depot!).  By this time the kids were not into going back out so we stayed home.

…Next I started baking some brownies for the cookout we were attending this afternoon.  Unfortunately, I overfilled the pan and about half way through the baking, there was smoke from the brownies overflowing.  I ultimately had to scoop out about 2 cups of batter to make it fit and meanwhile I got a call about a consult. 

…I quickly called my friends who were having the cookout and asked them if they would watch the kids while I backtracked to the hospital.  It took nearly 2 hours but the kids had a blast with the Ferrance girls and the giant water slide in the back yard.  After another 3 hours out in the sun, we gathered our stuff and headed home. 

…we just all finished cereal for dinner.  Matthew had a little trouble (in the ASD type of way he hates all things different than usual) with that but ultimately ate his lucky charms and talked about how much fun he had at the party.  When we got home, Riley headed upstairs to vacuum and clean a little in his quest to buy more Pokemon cards. 

…I’m tired.  Next week we are staying home for a vacation.  Denise and her 2 girls are coming down from Massachusetts.  Hopefully it will be relaxing!

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