Week 2 of consults…

…trying to keep my head above water. 

I spent quite a bit of time this weekend prepping for the next couple of weeks and making some freeze ahead meals.  I have really had trouble the last few weeks thinking of what to have for dinner by the time I get home and so we have been eating out a little more than I like.  So, I’m aiming for only one night a week this week and we will try and do menu planning and see if that can keep us (me) on track.

Sunday:   Fish sticks and french fries

Monday:  Left over rotini with meat sauce

Tuesday:  Mac and Cheese and fruit

Wednesday:  Homemade chicken nuggets and fries

Thursday:  Chicken breasts with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Friday:   Pizza Fusion (will use my Groupon)

Saturday:  Burrito’s with chips and salsa

To hear what other’s are cooking and eating this week got to www.orgjunkie.com

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