Last day…

Saturday I went to my conference for a few hours while Debra watched all 8 of the kids.  We had lunch in the hotel room while waiting for Wendy and Pat to come out.  When they arrived, we all bundled into the car and headed down to the busier parts of the beach.  We finally found a parking garage and headed onto the boardwalk.! 

Pat decided that she couldn’t tolerate it at all and so she found a shady spot on the boardwalk and read her book and the rest of us headed into the beach.  Everyone got in and did some wave jumping and body surfing.  It was pretty rough but there were jelly fish and sand crabs and so everyone was happy (but hot…did I say it was hot?).

After about 45 minutes on the beach we all walked up to the Boardwalk to do some people watching and walking.  The kids have been begging to rent one of those peddle buggys and so we did.  Unfortunately, all of the kids wanted to go at the same time and few of them were capable of pedaling with any force and the combined weight of all of them made it a tough job.  But, we spent about an hour with different adults taking the kids on the boardwalk for 10 -15 minute jaunts.

After everyone got completely worn out from pedaling the buggy, we headed back to the car and out to dinner at Rudee’s.  I don’t often get to go out to a restaurant with good food but with Wendy and Pat there, we decided to try it.  The kids were mostly good and we had a great meal. 

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