Beach Day # 2

The excitement today came from Logan getting sick in the restaurant at lunch.  She came over to me complaining about her throat hurting and then as we were leaving she yacked on the stairs.  We got back to the room and she laid down and then proceeded to yak over her sleeping bag.  We got some prescriptions called in for strep throat and headed to the local Rite Aid.  Forty five minutes later we walked out with amoxicillin and a bottle of gatorade and having had one episode of vomiting in the pharmacy.  (you would have thought this would make them move a little faster but no…)

Meanwhile, our friends came to spend the day and night with us.  they went to the pool while I took Logan to the pharmacy and after a dose of amox and 1/2 hour of laying in her bed, she popped up and wanted to drink her gatorade and eat a poptart.  So we all headed to the beach.

I have enjoyed going to the beach in the late afternoon/evening hours.  The beach is obviously less crowded and the sun is less hot and the kids all can relax and not feel the rush of having to play in the waves or kid in the sand but they can do anything and have the time to do it.

The other night, we found this huge hole that someone had dug.  Matthew was just small enough to jump into it  – up to his shoulders.  He had the greatest time burying himself except for his head and arms.

One of our friends didn’t want to put her bathing suit back on.  When we got to the beach and she saw all of the other kids, she came whining begging to her monther to let her go in in her clothes.   In one of those “teachable” moments, her mom tried to explain that she had told her to put her suit on and that she would regret it.  Her response…”well, I didn’t know it was going to be so fun!”  so, seh went in in her shorts and shirt and had a ball.

Addison completely loved playing in the sand and just had a blast.

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