Vacation Day 2

(…or will she make it with 4 kids at the ocean without the undertoad taking one of them!)

The day dawned early enough and yet we all slept past the usual waking time.  We had brought left over Krispy Kreme donuts so everyone chowed on those and we got dressed for the beach.

We took the shuttle to the main area of the beach.  The drop off to the waves is less steep there and I felt a little more comfortable with the kids going in.  Unfortunately my kids have no fear …and I have alot of it…so I was shouting at them constantly.  I was trying to teach them about the undertow and how to re-orient yourself so you are coming back to where you started but there wasn’t a lot of listening so I was constantly calling to them to get out and come back to me.  

Logan and Riley loved body surfing.  Addison would sit at the edge of the waves and have them knock her over.  Matthew got in to his knees but thought the water was too cold and ultimately spent about an hour at the waters edge building piles of watery sand into castles. 

At one point we saw a jellyfish (about 6 inches across) washed up on the shore.  Logan found it and brought me to it to find out what it was.  All of the kids were fascinated wanting to know if it was alive or dead and if it would sting them – even if it was dead and why couldn’t we touch it and will it go back into the ocean and will it come back to life if it goes back in the ocean…(sigh)

After about 2 hours we were ready to head back for lunch and we ended up waiting for the shuttle for about 15 minutes.  Luckily I had brought some drinks and a couple of apples so starvation was avoided. 

We went to the pool for an hour and then went back to the room and had lunch and naps.  At the end of naps, we got the bathing suits back on and went to the ocean by our hotel.  For about an hour the kids did boogey boarding and played in the sand.  Unfortunately Riley saw someone with a skim board and decided that his life depended on me buying him one.  He tried to bargain and said that I could either buy him a surf board or a skim board whichever was less expensive.  He had seen one in the hotel gift shop and we could see how expensive they were.  ($19.99 – that’s cheap mom!).  After getting some of the sand off of us we went into the pool and then came upstairs to get dressed for dinner. 

We drove around VA beach looking for a restaurant that was sufficiently inexpensive and kid friendly and ended up at Wendy’s.  After that we found a parking spot and went to the beach from 7 – 8 PM (after finding a skim board on sale in a shop for $9.99).   The kids had a ball and I got to sit out on the sand in real clothes.  Riley was quite humorous trying to do the skim boarding (spent most of his time on the ground). 

But the funniest part of the day was when we were at the beach and both Logan and Riley lost their pants!  Logan was being knocked around like a rag doll all day and then she would get back up and go for more.  One of the times she stood up and had this amazed look on her face like…where are my bottoms…and then just laughed.

a few minutes later, Riley encountered a huge wave and when he stood up his trunks were at his knees.  He looked at me incredulously and I had to yell —-“pull them up!”  Later he asked me if anyone had seen him.  Pretty sure that is an every day occurrence here– only wish I had my camera at the ready.

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