We started out after finishing our packing and stopped at Walgreen’s to buy a new prescription for Matthew and a toy for each of the kids.  we got to Hampton about 5 minutes ahead of time and found the Olive Garden pretty easily. 

My mother’s sister Clare has lived in Smithfield VA for about 14 years and we have been able to see her only about once a year but it was nice to have some family in the area.  I had emailed her to ask her to meet us for lunch on the way to VA Beach and she told me that she was moving to Florida.  We were coming through the area on the day before her closing.  I was sad about her moving but I was glad that I got to see her befoer she moved.

She arrived at Olive Garden while I was in the restroom with the girls.  It was a wonderful meal and the kids all behaved even better than I could have asked – and Clare had brought them each a snack and gatorade for the road!  I will miss having her in VA and not being able to have family anywhere nearby.

We got back on the road and arrived at the hotel around 3 pm.  After checking in and unpacking a little, the kids got their bathing suits on and we went to the beach.  The beach in front of the hotel is a little rough and has a pretty steep drop off.  I died a couple times while I was trying to watch all 4 of them at the same time.  Riley grabbed the boogey board and was off into the ocean.  Logan tried to do the same and I nearly killed her stopping her from going out too far.  Addison (on her first time at the beach – I think)…plunged right in.  She cracked up everytime the wave crashed over her and rolled her over.  It was about 100 degress and humid but we stayed for about 2 hours and then came back to the hotel to eat dinner.

Riley was disappointed that I wasn’t taking them out to dinner but I told him we were only going to eat at restaurants once a day.  I had brought food for either a lunch or a dinner each day and we were going to have to use them. 

After dinner, we walked around the hotel and Riley wanted to go to the outdoor movie but it didn’t start until 9 (and I was beat!).  I put Matthew and the two girls to bed and they fell asleep within 5 minutes.  riley took a little longer but finally around 10 I went to bed and he also fell asleep. 

Every one slept until about 8 am and then we were up again.  we had breakfast and caught the shuttle to the main area of the boardwalk.  The beach has less of a steep slope there and we spent 2 hours body surfing and building sand castles.  Even Matthew got into the water for a few seconds.  He preferred to sit at the edge and play with the mud, though.    After the beach we came back and went to the pool for a while before coming back for lunch and naps. 

I’m going to try and take some pictures this afternoon.

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