Errands…and bored kids…

Today we went to the boys’ tutoring session at 7:30.  Matthew’s tutor didn’t show.  At 7:50 I texted him and he said he was sick/forgot.  I have already talked to the head of the program last Wednesday because he has been missing about 2 sessions a week.  He again didn’t show on Friday so…I have HAD it!  The whole point of this tutoring is consistency and …for my boy with all of the issues, this is not!  He texted me that he didn’t know if he would be “better” for tomorrow but was planning on Wednesday…WTF.  Wednesday I am insisting on another trainer – and that we start the 24 week program over!  This has been a waste of 4 weeks. 

After that, we ran home and I put a little more air in my leaking tire and we headed to the garage.  Riley was anxious the whole way that we would have a flat tire and was totally relieved when we arrived in one piece.  Addison had had several meltdowns at the tutoring center and she kept right on going in the garage…sassing, fighting with the other 3.  An hour and forty five minutes later, we were outa there.  I was so frustrated I took them home and put Addi in her room where she promptly (well after screaming for 15 minutes) fell asleep. 

The rest of the kids played nicely and we had lunch and headed to the doctor’s office.  Logan needed to get a hemoglobin for her school physical form and when I brought her in for her physical, the lab person was off.  Most of the kids were good there.  We then ran into K-Mart for some school supplies (0.25 c for 2pk of glue sticks – I got 30 of them), 50 c for colored pencils, and 2 pairs of $6.50 sandals (for Matthew and Logan since theirs are falling apart).  This set off a (literally) 20 minute screaming jag in Addison who thought she needed sandals too (and neither the fact that she had practically new sandals on her feet nor the fact that they didn’t have any in her size could dissuade her).  so, good mother that I am… I basically let her cry through the scool supplies and the check out stand – well, I say basically because there were a lot of threats and admonishments in there as well but… 

Then we went to Dollar tree to pick up some snacks for the beach and got the swim shoes for the kids (that they had left at daycare) and headed home.  I’ve been trying to recouperate from the day and can’t wait till the drive to the beach.

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