Out to dinner

I took my kids out to dinner tonight and Matthew chose Red Robin.  They had just been in the pool so still had bathing suits that were a little wet.  And the restaurant was cold (because apparently if it is >90 degrees outside you need to keep it 60 or below inside).  Matthew and Riley were both leaning their semi-wet bodies into me and burrowing into me.  UGH!

Matthew was alternately shivering into my body or complaining that he was hungry.  Finally, the food came and he was distracted (somewhat by the spaghetti he had ordered).  I turned around and the bowl was gone (and he wanted more…ugh for nearly $5 I didn’t want to buy another plate of spaghetti).  Then I gave him about 1/2 of Logan’s spaghetti (and 2 minutes later it was gone)…So, as the waitress brought our bill, I asked her if they had bottomless bowls of spaghetti (like they do for french fries) and she said “Of Course!” so I got him another bowl…which he finished 1/2 of it in another 2 minutes (cuz I tried to give Logan some of it)…so, I asked for another bowl.  He finished all except 2 bites, leaned back and let out a big burp! 

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s are apparently mascot night.  Red, the red robin was walking around the restaurant the entire time.  The first time Addison saw him she stepped back with the full-on fright look.  But…then she smiled and waved.  And as we walked by him she said…”I like him”.   Maybe the fear of mascots will be gone.

As we were leaving, the couple beside us were just grinning from ear to ear (we get that alot but usually for a different reason)…and complimented me on the kids behavior (think they were so cold they couldn’t act up but…it was a nice feeling!

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  1. Katie, my 23-year-old, has gone from fearing mascots to loathing them!


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