Free Chick Fil-A

Today was the Annual Chick Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day.  I heard about it last year but didn’t get a chance to go.  Earlier in the day one of my friends suggested that we meet there and I decided to go for it. 

As I was leaving work I printed out some cow accessories and went to the day care to pick the kids up.  Riley looked at me with the incredulous look and said…”no way” – but luckily I had him exactly where I wanted him – we weren’t going to Target to get the promised pokemon cards unless we went there first – hah! one for mom!

The two girls were all for it – they even wanted to wear the tails I cut out and were upset when the tape I bought (to hold the paper cow spots)  kept falling off their clothes.

Matthew had a little fit in the car when we went to the Dollar Tree to pick up the tape.  (he was totally freaked out cuz he didn’t understand why we were dressing up like a cow)

We sat in the parking lot of Dollar Tree for about 15 minutes as he tried to calm down and while I cut out the cow accessories and then headed to the local Chick Fil-A.   We arrived at a great time.  there was no line and we found a place to sit right near my friend and her family.  After we sat down, the entire restaurant filled with “cows”. 

As we were leaving, the cow mascot came into the building.  Addison nearly had a heart attack.  She grabbed my legs and hid behind me.  I tried to get her to say hi but…nothing doing.   Matthew and Riley both told me that it was fun (after we left).  It was quite a scene with hundreds of people coming in dressed like a cow. 

Sorry, no pictures!

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