I am officially poor…

…but we have air conditioning!  (and right as the weather is finishing a 2 week long heat /humidity wave which has given us temperatures of 100)!

My 20 year old house (and heating / ac system) has been limping for 3 -4 years now.  Last year after again filling it with freon (in August) they tried to convince me to go with a new system.  But since it was the end of summer (and I couldn’t afford it) I put it off.  In May (during a week long 100 + humidity wave) it stopped cooling again.  And again, I needed 4 pounds of freon to fill it.  I was convinced that even that probably wouldn’t last through the summer. 

It was scheduled for Monday/Tuesday.  I had told the kids that probably we would stay in a hotel rather than trying to sleep in the house with no airconditioning.  But, as I was driving home a storm blew in…the wind started blowing and the skys opened and it poured out!  I watched the temperature guage in my car drop from 98 to 75 over the course of 4 minutes!  When I got into the house it was 84 degrees and didn’t feel too humid so I decided to pick up the kids and go out to dinner instead. 

As we drove home I noticed that the temperature guage in my car was up to 95 again.  Uh-oh!  the house was 88 – it climbed to 92 before I opened some of the windows – but it was a miserable night.  Not only that, but Riley got up in the morning and said “I told you mom, it was toooooo hot in here last night – we should have stayed in a hotel!” 

But when I got home at noon, the air conditioner was on and (according to the man fixing it) it had dropped the temperature from 88 to 81 already.  I had to disappoint the kids again about sleeping in our own house but…

…I’m officially poor! (and they’ll just have to deal!)

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