One of the things Matthew struggles with is conceptual thinking…despite his age, he has trouble thinking beyond the immediate and concrete.  However, I continually see things in him that show me he is making progress.

Yesterday morning he asked if he could dump all of the legos on the ground.  (first miracle- ask before doing!) – “I promise I’ll pick them all up when I am done”

So, I told him he could dump them and he played with the legos for about 25 minutes but then looked up and asked if he could play on his computer. 

 I reminded him of his promise to pick up the legos and there was some fussing.  After about 1 minute of picking up individual legos and putting them in the bucket, he looked up at me and said…”I’m going to get the dustpan to scoop them up!”  (miracle two -be unhappy with how the job is going – stop, think of what might make the job easier and faster…get up and do it !)

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