A visit to the doctor…

i did one of the things doctors hate the most yesterday…scheduled appointments for 3 of my kids at the same time……two patients in one room is tough…any more than that is usually insane but…as I told my Pediatrician (who I love and respect enormously)…it is all about me and my time (said with a smile on my face after apologizing a couple hundred times).

mostly it was okay.  Matthew was pretty well behaved.  The girls were fascinated and charmed (and charming).  At the end of the day it was all good.  Addison needed 7 shots, Logan 1 and a fingerstick and Matthew 2.  we sat in the waiting room while the nurses got them ready.  the 3 kids fought over who would go first (before they realized what it was). 

Addison won (or lost depending on your perspective).  I don’t think she realized until after the 3 or 4th one.  Then she was done but she just clung to me as they covered 40% of her body surface area with bandaids.  Matthew and Logan watched and now neither of them wanted to go next but Logan was close and I grabbed her.  It was over so fast I don’t think she realized it but there were crocodile tears at the end. 

I looked at Matthew – he gave me an incredulous look and yelled…

NOOOOOO!  I DON’T WANT ANY SHOTS!! (as if anyone ever wants shots)…As I was standing up from the chair, he turned and ran…around the front of the nurses station.  I took off after him (all of the nurses smirked)…he made it to the other side of the room and turned the corner to go up the hallway to the waiting room (and exit).  I got to the front of the nurses station as he made a brilliant dodge move around the two people in the hallway (maybe he does have a career in Football).  I yelled at someone to grab him but before anyone could,  he made a fatal mistake and paused to look back at me as he got about halfway down the hall (and past his pediatrician and another one who used to respect me as a colleague but now will only see me as a half crazed mother chasing her 43 lb  8 year old with ADD). 

I got a hold of him and dragged him down to the nurses station (at this point the blood was pounding in my head so loudly I couldn’t have been embarassed if I tried.  Once I got him held down, it was over – but he was still pretty angry at me.

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  1. Suzanne – When Morgan was 5, after her Kindergarten shots she made me PROMISE there would be NO MORE SHOTS until college. I did. I lied. That’s why God invented M and Ms… xxoo


  2. After an appointment like that, it kinda makes you appreciate work and daycare, doesn’t it? 🙂


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