Funny things they say…

So, the 5 of us were sitting at a table at a new Mexican restaurant near our house.  Riley was playing his DS and very quiet.  Matthew was listening to songs on his MP3 player (and luckily not singing – which he usually does at maximum volume!).  The girls were talking to me about anyting and everything and STUFFING their faces with chips, salsa and melted cheese. 

Somehow it came up about bedtime tonight.  There were huge fights last night about which child could sleep in my bed / bedroom …(I’m assuming that they will stop wanting to sleep in my bed when they get to be teenagers…right?….right?).  Riley was the only one who ended up in his own bed so I had told him yesterday that he could be alone tonight in my room. 

So, Logan asked if she could sleep in Riley’s bed and if Addison could sleep on the floor by her bed. 

All of a sudden, Addison chimes in…”we need to make sure that no monsters come in our beds, right mom?” – I agree with her but she goes on…

“You won’t let the monsters get me ….right mom?

“no…I would fight those monsters off and punch them in the nose”   and “I will kick them in the shins”

and then the little girl with the sweet and innocent voice said…

“And kick them in the privates”! 

Yup…my boys definitely need to learn to stop talking like that!  Yup, I’m a kick – ass mom.  Not only to do I fight monsters but if they start giving us a hard time…I just kick them in the Privates.

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  1. Too funny!


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