This was my day.

I woke up late this morning and should have known that it would translate into a incrediblyfrustratingannoyingdrainingdaysomuchthatIopenedabottleofwineand(inhale)hadalargeglasswhilethekidsranaroundfightingandbickeringandIdon’tcare day. 

So, background. 

Strike 1.  We are in the throes of organizing the end of the year parties/graduations, etc.  Every year there is someone who is not happy with the plans but…you can’t please everyone.  This year has been especially difficult.  We have our graduation ceremony and brunch  at a fancy restaurant (that costs an arm and a leg) and we allow the graduates to invite 5 guests (in addition to themselves) but ask that if they want to bring more they pay a reasonable fee (which doesn’t even cover what we pay).  This year, several of the graduates decided that they would “take” the spots of residents who weren’t using all of their 6 slots.  After discussing it, we told them that it really wasn’t in the spirit of the occasion (and everyother graduation only allows 1-2 guests).  But early in the week one of them got to me and I (first mistake I know) relented and agreed that we would not make the 3 offenders pay for the extra 13 guests between them.  My administrator sent an email to them this am announcing our generousity.  But, unfortunately not before another one of them had the nerve to come up to me to ask me what my decision was – or should I say not before they read their email to see about what our generosity was. 

Strike 2.  We are trying to schedule the end of the year party where ALL of the residents get the night off from the hospital and this year our usual place is closed and so we have to (because of the short notice) get a MUCH more expensive place which is costing about 2/3 more than usual.  Our entire budget for the day includes a fun day (think Senior skip day) for the class that is graduating and so we have precious little left to schedule anything but a valiant effort is made by several members who ultimately convince one of the other Attending physicians to OPEN HIS HOUSE/POOL/LIFE to these leeches for the day for a pool party/barbecue.  This is announced to only have the bloodsuckingungratefulthinkmoneygrowsontrees physicians complain that it wasn’t good enough for them!  Now they have decided that they want to go to a local amusement park because they feel that the pool party is too cheap.  They HARASS my administrator until she has to ask them to leave her office (and then shuts and locks her door after them).

Strike 3.  I have the trip from H**L to the ghetto of Richmond to get $4 trophies for the lame ass coach and equally lame parents. 

Strike 4.  I get an email from the  bloodsuckingungratefulthinkmoneygrowsontreesresident who says that she knows our “budget” for the day is $300 above what we are paying for the overly expensive party for all of the residents and wants us to give her and the rest of the deadbeats the money so they can buy amusement park tickets because apparently she now has polled the involved residents and they ALL don’t want to go to the nice pool party and since they won’t be going we won’t have to pay any money for that so we should just give them the $300.  (I nearly through my laptop).  Oh yeah, and since they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the nice attending who opened his house/pool/life to these people, they were going to have a “pot luck” brunch at his house (so we don’t use any of their $300) and then leave to go to the amusement park!  Cuz having 20 extra people over to your house for brunch is no problem at all!

At this point I talked to the rest of the adminstrative staff – who were even more angry than I was.  I wrote the most polite response I could muster and …well, I’m drinking now.  Hopefully I will not get any selfish responses before I wake up / get over my hangover!

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  1. I vote you cancel all of the parties for the residents and they work their last night. All of the attendings need to have a party for themselves at the attendings’ home and drink a toast to the residents staffing the hospital!


  2. I vote for the same thing!


  3. Unfortunately, considering the group involved I am not particularly surprised by ANY of this.


  4. Damn, the drama! Makes me glad I’m the Med-Peds person (even though I’m missing out on all the fun this time!).


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