I am not ready!

…At our last game, Riley came out of the dugout prior to the beginning of the game to get something at the concession stand with me.   As I walked away a little girl said, “hello Mrs. Lavoie” and I looked up and said “hello” and then wracked my brain trying to figure out who she was. 

A few seconds later I saw her talking to and throwing the ball with Riley on the street.  Next thing you know, she is sitting on our bleachers watching the game.  After a few innings I asked her to remind me what her name was and when she told me I realized she is in Riley’s class at school.  I asked her if she was playing tonight and she told me her younger brother was playing T-ball (across the lot). 

She continue to watch Riley’s game and tried to talk to him everytime he left the dugout….

I told Riley as he was going to sleep that night that he was not to date girls until he was 16 years old!  He said okay.  Think I can get him to put that in writing?

Categories: Baseball, Family

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