Wherein I gloat…

…because I can and (as I told Riley as we were getting into the car) I can “think” that I am relatively anonymous. 

Tonight was the last game of the regular season.  We were playing against the team with  the crazyobsessedannoying…coach who made such a big deal and accused us of cheating when we played them the last time.  I found out  last week that they are in First place in the league (and given their behavior and need to win at all costs…I guess I could see how!)

So…to make a long story short  – we WON!!!  5-4.  We were leading going into the 5th inning and they were up and tied the game.  During their half of the inning, the umpire came to our coach and said that this would be the last inning – after our at bat because it was 8 PM.  Well, we got up and scored 1 run.  As our boys were lining up to shake hands, the other coach threw a fit.  He bullied the umpire into playing another inning and our coach very graciously said okay…but let it be known that it wasn’t our idea to shorten the game. 

It was a nail biter but in their next at bat it was 3 up and 3 down.  It is good to be right and righteous!  As we were leaving, Riley kept saying “mom, I can’t believe we beat the mean team! I can’t believe we beat the mean team!”.  I kept ssshhing him – but with a smile on my face! 

Now we have the single elimination playoffs beginning on Sunday.  Hopefully we will win again! 

Oh…and the boys did well.  Matthew played most of the game and got a hard line drive foul right along the 1st base line.  He was so excited but didn’t ultimately get on base.  Riley caught the entire game and got 2 doubles and a strike out.  He was extremely excited after the game because the coach allowed him to take the catching gear home to practice with it.

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2 replies

  1. Woo hoo! So glad that it turned out well! Way to go, Matthew and Riley!


  2. That is great! Tell Riley and Matthew I said, “Way to GO!!!!”


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