Why are parenting decisions so hard?

I’ve been trying to decide what to do about the boys participation in sports this fall.  I found out that the baseball league has a Fall program which is instructional rather than competitive i.e.  the have practices and games…but don’t score the games…much more focused on learning how to play. 

What’s the decision?  Well, twofold really. 

For Riley it’s easy.  He loves baseball and I think will really benefit from something like this.  He has learned so much and become so good in such a short time I think he will really take off.  However, his age will make him stay in the Rookie League and Matthew will turn 9 before it starts and so they will make him move up.  That will make things difficult for me. 

Matthew is the question.  He really likes it but doesn’t have that drive that Riley does.  And he has times where his concentration just isn’t there and he could take it or leave it.  He would have to move up to the 9 year old group which – during the instructional fall league may be okay with the right coach.  Or, I could make my life easier and just sign Riley up and let Matthew sit it out and play with the girls and I during Baseball. 

I decided to ask them what they wanted to do and so over breakfast yesterday I asked them if they wanted to play baseball in fall?

As I suspected, Riley immediately said yes! 

Matthew was thoughtful for a while and then said, “No”.  I asked him why and he said….

“I want to play football”


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