Next to last game…

It’s getting to be the end of the season here.  We had a game last night (Friday), today (Saturday) and the last game of the regular season is on Monday. 

Last night we had several missing players and one who showed up but played one inning and left because he was sick.  It left us short 1 player.  We did pretty well …lost… but not by much and …lo and behold…Matthew got his bat on the ball and fouled it.  The rest of the team was great and all cheered that he had “hit” it.  On the other hand, he was really distracted.  Half the time he was arguing with me while in the outfield about whether he needed to stay out there…and the other half picking up twigs and throwing them back on the ground.  He got to play 1 inning at “pitcher” and actually was really engaged and loved it.  Riley has decided he likes being catcher.  He ended up playing 4 innings as catcher and 1 in the outfield.  He got on base at least 2 times.

Today …dang it!…I had to work the concession stand.  We could see the game periodically and they actually pulled into the lead in the  3rd inning.  Unfortunately the other team got 6 runs in the 4th and we ended up losing.  But, Matthew got a hit and got on base!  Riley got a “home run” and a single.

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