My beautiful ballerina’s…

Last Thursday was the recital for the two girls who have been taking ballet classes at the daycare.  They have really enjoyed it and loved being the center of attention. 

I picked them up early Thursday afternoon and took them to the nail salon to have their fingers and toes painted professionally.  They loved it!  Although Addison was a little unnerved by the lady doing her toes. 

Then we went home and I put their hair up into ballet buns and got them dressed in their tu tu’s.  They looked so beautiful and were so excited to get to the daycare and meet up with their friends.  Addi apparently was one of two girls in the 3 year class who stayed through the whole year.  The other 3-4 year old bit the dust during the first dance and ran to sit with her parents.  So, that left Addison with a solo at one point.  She did well doing small steps along the line but when she did her ballet turn, she must have seen all of the people because she let out this huge giggle (well, a gaffaw really!) and then the whole room was laughing.  She scampered to the other side and was so cute.  Logan was very excited and …though she did so well practicing at home, I think she just forgot all about her form and was just running around a lot of the time.  Here are some pictures of them.

Addison preparing for her solo

"Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful"

Look at me - I'm a jack in the box!

This is called "Posterize"


Beautiful ballerina's

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3 replies

  1. They are beautiful! And, so grown up, too!


  2. Logan and Addison look absolutely beautiful! They are going to be absolute beauties. Get ready to lock them in their rooms away from boys!


  3. OH, they are soooo lovely! You must include these pictures in your annual report!


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