Wherein I brag about my oldest son…

I don’t talk about Matthew’s struggles much because …well…

When I take the time to look back at where he was when I adopted him, I am always amazed at what he has accomplished and how he continues to grow and develop.  This year he has made consistent progress again.  He has been able to read a bunch of sight words and the last couple of months he has started to sound out words.  He mostly does 3 letter words but is doing much better at sounding out the word as opposed to guessing what it is based on context. 

He has shown a lot more interest in trying to read as well.  Last week he brought home a special prize for reading 8 books at school – he was so proud of himself.  The day before his alter ego / nemesis at school had completed the 8 books and he actually was trying to catch up to her.  That night he read 2 books at home – and didn’t complain during the whole time (which is what he usually does). 

Well, tonight we stopped at a pizza place on the way home from NJ.  There was a small table in the corner with kids books on it and Matthew go up and brought a Dr. Seuss book over to the table.  He then proceeded to read this 25 page book to me.  He was so excited that he picked up another one and read it and then one more. 

I had the same tears in my eyes that I did when Riley came home and was reading in Kindergarten.  It is such an accomplishment and so amazing to see someone start to get that understanding of the written word telling a story and being able to ENJOY it. 

And once again, my amazing and unique son has surpassed my expectations.  I need to remember that none of us know what God’s plans are for us.  I will continue to have hopes and dreams for him and I will pray that he continues to grow along his own timeline and with all the support I can give him.

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  1. Very nice story, Sue. Matthew is a great kid!


  2. How exciting! I know you are so proud of him! Please congratulate him for a successful year for me!


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