Day 2 dawned WAY too early

.for me.  the 4 kids were up by 7:15 am …the choice of 3 TV’s to choose from was quite a distraction.  (oh, and the DSi’s were charged overnight too). 

I could only take it for about 20 minutes and I got up.  We got dressed and went downstairs to the breakfast buffet.  Matthew was excited because the pool was right outside the window – and making his day totally – they have a hot tub!!

After breakfast the kids got their bathing suits on and we went down to the pool which (apparently) was cold.  Matthew kept getting out of the hot tub and telling me it wasn’t warm enough – they had just filled it that morning so it was warming up but wasn’t up to the temperature that he likes.  There was quite a bit of running and jumping – unfortunately it was into the hot tub cuz none of them wanted to go into the regular pool but didn’t want to give up on the running and jumping in…

Then we ran up to the room and all of us got dressed for the wedding.  I had bought two dressed for the girls and borrowed a beautiful sari from one of my friends.  Riley and Matthew started right away in refusing to change into the dress pants.  Riley put on his fatigue shorts with his dress shirt and then refused to put down the DSi when it was time to go.  He finally put on his pants …but rolled the cuffs up to mid calf length. 

We arrived in time to see a few of my colleagues from work.  Riley was still being a pill and laid on one of the couches – refusing to go in or interact with the rest of us.  Hby e finally started a game of chase in the lobby with Matthew and another child.  When it was time to go out to the parking lot to dance around the Groom on the a White Horse.  I thought all of the kids would love this but Riley was being a pill and decided to sit out on a picnic table while the rest of us watched. 

Actually the girl who never empties her bladder nearly made us miss it as she started screaming right before he was getting on the horse and I had to take her to the ladies room.  After that we watched for a little while and then went into the ceremony.  But there was no way they were going to sit still and Matthew kept trying to hold Logan’s hand and she and he would fight over it

As we were leaving, Addison threw a fit and ran away from me in the hotel.  I had to chase her down and grab her and then as we got into the car she hit me.  So, we got back to the hotel and ALL of them went to take a NAP. 

We got redressed to go to the reception and after a little fussing, a couple of the kids ate some pasta.  Riley was “bored” and wanted to get soda after soda after soda.  Matthew and Logan did some dancing while we were waiting for the bride and groom but we ultimately had to leave when they still hadn’t served the food by 10:30!  And I had to drag the girl who never empties her bladder (who had started crying 5 minutes before) to the bathroom because she noticed that we didn’t get cake! 

Lucky for me, we had left over chicken nuggets and pears in the fridge from the drive here.

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  1. I hope the hot tub is hot today for your sake!


  2. LOL…it was 77 degrees when we arrived. for some reason they emptied and refilled it again. there was a lot of chagrin around this am. It only got to 88 by the time we left.


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