5 stitches and a lot of fussing later…

we got into the house around 7:30 pm last night. 

The day started off a little cloudy but with no actual rain we headed out to the ballfield for a 9 AM start.  We got settled in and during the first inning it began raining.  I had (for once) thought ahead of time to bring an umbrella.  It rained about 1 inning and then stopped with the sun coming out at about inning 3.

After the game, we ran home to change and so that I could put the laundry into the machine (have to clean the uniforms 3 times in 3 days…ugh). We met up with Wendy, Pat and Mike for dinner between 1:30 and 2.  Afterward, Riley wanted to look for his birthday present so we headed to Walmart.  Unfortunately they were out of the thing he wanted and so we headed to the car and (ultimately) to Target.

As we were getting into the car, all of the kids were fussing at each other and fighting.  As they pushed each other into the car, Riley tripped over Matthew’s feet and hit the passenger seat face first.  At first I thought he was just surprised, but as he pulled his head from my chest, I noticed the blood coming down…Ugh! 

Not to mention that we had no tissue or paper napkins to apply pressure with.  Riley immediately starts crying…”I don’t want to go to the hospital”, “Do I need to go to the hospital?”.  I convince him that we can go to KidMed down the street and that most likely he will need either a bandage or glue…but, it was clearly two layers deep when we got there and I knew it would be stitches.

To make a long story short, he has 5 stitches (with an internal layer) and will definitely have a story to tell as he gets older.

(and we had to go to Target to try and get his toy afterward afterall – much to Mamma’s chagrin!)

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  1. Now that sounds like an exciting afternoon! Hope he is doing well after the battle wound. Something similar happened to me as a child, still have the scar on my chin.


  2. I’m so sorry! I hope he is feeling better. Happy Birthday, Riley!


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