The blog post you have been waiting for…

Yup, the IRON PIGS actually…

…wait for it…


 Leading off for the Iron Pigs # 13…Riley Lavoie…who smashes a basehit to right field!  He’s move to 3rd base by the next hitter and scores when there is a booming triple by the next batter.  We ended the first inning with 4 runs and a renewed sense of enthusiasm.  There were only 10 boys playing until the bottom of the 5th so both boys got to play the entire game.  Matthew again made 2 big plays from the field to save the other team from scoring and keeping the hitter to first base.

It was even a sweeter victory because this was the team who beat us 14-1 the last time we played them (the game the mercy rule was engaged and we only ended up playing 4 innings!).

And (I’m not bitter in defense of my kids or anything) to make it even sweeter …this is the team of the boy who hurt Riley’s feelings during the tryouts and it was nice to win. 

After the line up where they shake hands Riley came and told me that one of the other kids was saying nasting things …I wish the coaches would check that stuff but apparently this league is more hardball than sportsmanship.

We have a busy weekend with baseball 3 days in a row.  It would be nice to go into the long weekend with a couple of good games under our belts.

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  1. Woo hoo, Matthew and Riley! Congratulations!


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